10 Man-Made Marvels in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, in particular Dubai, has a reputation for being one of the most lavish and glamorous places in the world. While its natural beauty is truly breathtaking, the manmade structures in Dubai offer travellers the experience to indulge their senses in some of the most captivating architecture in the world. When planning your next vacation to Dubai, be sure to take the time to experience these wonderful manmade marvels.


Burj Al Arab

- Possibly the most well-known structure, throughout the entire United Arab Emirates, the Burj Al Arab is a hotel that stands elegantly, overlooking the sea and the city. The Burj Al Arab offers guests access to the upmost in luxurious features, from fine linens to ornate detailing.


- This historical villages is home to the largest collection of traditional courtyard houses with wind towers. Whether you are a history buff or a budding photographer, Bastakia provides a true insight into the heritage of Dubai.

Al Fahidi Fort

- Home to the Dubai Museum, the Al Fahidi Fort was established in 1799, before being remodelled and transformed into one of the country’s main museums in 1993.


- One of the most intriguing structures you will come across, when visiting countries all around the globe, is the Hydropolis Resort. This very rare manmade marvel is situated an amazing 66 feet underwater, providing its guests with breathtaking views of the marine life that surrounds them.

Burj Khalifa

- With a claim to fame of being one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Burj Khalifa truly is a manmade structure to be marvelled.


- Word’s cannot describe the feeling one gets when stepping into one of the world’s most lavish and spectacular amusement parks – Dubailand. This is an absolute must visit for first time travellers to the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Mall

- This, by far, is not your average shopping mall. One of the largest in the world, Dubai has a strong reputation for being the place to shop, and it’s easy to see why. With an ice skating rink, aquarium and truly breathtaking water feature within its boundaries, the Dubai Mall is an attraction in its own right.

Ski Dubai

- You may have been to an indoor snow centre or an ice skating rink, but you haven’t seen the best until you’ve visited Ski Dubai. This marvellous structure creates a truly magical winter wonderland, in the midst of a desert country, where visitors can ski, snowboard, tube and toboggan their way through hours of enjoyment.

Dubai Sports City

- Not your usual footy ground or swimming complex, the Dubai Sports Centre is an engineering masterpiece – meaning, you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy a tour of this truly advanced, manmade marvel.

Grand Mosque

- Originally constructed in the early 1900s, the Grand Mosque is one of the most popular places for worship in Dubai and shows magnificent beauty, displaying traditional Islamic architecture.