Travelling with the World's Fastest High-Speed Rails in China

Travelling in China is much different than travelling anywhere else in the world simply because their methods of transportation are so unique. China is known for their high-speed trains, and anyone visiting China will probably find themselves wanting to take a ride at some point during their stay. Not only are the Chinese rail systems exceptionally fast and efficient, they are also a lot of fun for visitors, especially children. They provide all the excitement of travelling by train without having to dedicate an entire day to a trip that would take you a few hours if you flew on a plane.


One thing that must be examined about China's high-speed railways is the cost. The Chinese offer much lower ticket costs than similar systems in other countries, but you will definitely be paying for the speed. A trip from Beijing to Jinan on a high-speed train costs CNY186 and will only take you an hour and a half, whereas a traditional train will only cost CNY75, though the trip will take six hours. Travelling by train in other countries costs a lot more, and not every country offers a high-speed rail system, which makes the Chinese system a very cost effective one, especially considering the speed which you travel.

And just how fast do you go on China's high-speed trains? Well, a "high-speed train" is considered one which travels over 200km/hr. 200 km/hr actually seems relatively slow when you look at most Chinese trains, which fly around the 380km/hr mark. In fact, the maglev trains, which run on a magnetic track instead of a traditional one, can reach a top speed of 431 km/hr. The technology has been in development for quite a long time, and the Chinese continue to work on increasing speed, so it wouldn't be surprising to see trains going even faster in the next few decades.

snake looking train

Getting a ticket on one of these incredibly speedy trains isn't necessarily difficult. You can either purchase tickets online or show up at the station of your choice and purchase them there- the choice is up to you. You can travel to all of China's major cities as well as most of the cities on China's east coast. The destinations get much sparser as you go west, though, so you may want to find a different method of travel if you plan on going deeper into China's interior.

All in all, a ride on one of China's high-speed trains is one that you will likely never forget. The technology used is simply awe-inspiring, and you will be sure to find that one of the best ways to see all of the highlights in China- particularly on a short schedule- is out the window of an ultra-fast train. With access to all of the big cities in China (and many of the smaller ones), the high-speed rail system is a technological marvel and definitely an unbelievably fun way to travel through this great country. If you’re joining of those packaged China tours, make sure you ask your travel consultants if they could offer you a discounted booking in rail booking.