5 Reasons Why Bamberg in Germany is a Must See Destination

The Bavarian community of Bamberg Germany developed in the scenic Franconian Hills and lies along the confluence of the Regnitz and Main rivers. Escaping the ravages of World War II, the city boasts over a millennia of history expressed through magnificent architecture and an enduring culture. If you ever want to visit Bamberg and need a nice and affordable place to stay check out the collection of Bamberg vacation rentals on Live Like a German.

Bamberg Altes Rathaus

Cathedral Square-Domplatz

Bamburg Germany evolved into a prominent ecumenical center in Europe. Emperor Henry II constructed the Old Court in 1007 for the city’s first bishop. The vast square houses a number of historic buildings that include the Cathedral, the Council Chamber Building, and the New Residence. The spectacular New Residence was the bishop’s first palace and features two wings bearing Baroque architecture. The interior of the building demonstrates the opulent lifestyle of the religious leaders and includes amazing painted wall murals.

Bamberg Dom

Also called the Imperial Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, the Dom represents one of the most predominant artworks of Bamberg Germany. Rebuilt in 1237 after a fire, the structure bears Gothic architecture and boasts exquisite carvings and artifacts. The Bamberg Rider remains the most popular of the interior sculptures and depicts King Stephan I of Hungary. Other points of interest include the tomb of Emperor Henry, the Christmas Altar and the features of the entrance portals. The cathedral additionally houses the tomb of Pope Clement II.

Gasse in Bamberg

Altenburg Castle

The small but impressive castle stands on a hill overlooking the community and served as the private residence of various dukes and religious leaders over the centuries. Upon entering the castle, visitors view the fortress chapel, which offered spiritual support during times of war. The castle also contains an art gallery housing modern German and Italian paintings along with a playing card museum. The courtyard contains different buildings and towers while offering commanding views over Bamberg.

Little Venice

This scenic area consists of a row of timbered houses that lie along the River Regnitz. The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a romanticized view of the community from the picturesque gardens in front yards to the balconies holding boxes filled with blooming flowers. Boats travel up and down the river daily and provide cruises along the neighborhood.

Bamberg Culture

The community of Bamberg Germany has a number of theaters and 15 museums. Guests enjoy traditional Bavarian cuisine in the many restaurants and beer gardens. Beer lies at the heart of the culture and the community has nine breweries and two malt houses that manufacture various ales along with the local favorite “smoked beer.” The Beer Brewing Museum displays historic machines once used for making beer.