Top 3 Theatres in Europe

Europe is home to many of the most famous and impressive theatres in the world. You don’t have to be an opera enthusiast either to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of these buildings which operate as the heart of the city’s culture and prestige.

Teatro La Fenice (HDR)

Teatro La Fenice, Venice

La Fenice, named after its famous “rise from the ashes” after burning down twice in the past has now been restored to its original glory, making it well worth a visit during any trip to Venice. Recognised worldwide as a prestigious concert venue with dramatic beauty, you can enjoy an array of spectacles or alternatively a guided tour to learn more about its origins, history and rebuilding. Even you if you’re not keen on opera, anyone can appreciate the elegance of the theatre and its lavishly decorated ceilings, Royal box and crystal chandeliers.

Teatro alla Scala

La Scala, Milan

Having housed many of the most famous operas in history, La Scala is a symbolic landmark of Milan which represents the importance of its art and cultural scene.

Also recognised as one of the worlds leading theatres for ballet, don’t miss the premiere of Giselle if you’re visiting this season. However, ff you can’t afford a ticket to one of the shows you can always visit la Scala museum for a view of the beautiful auditorium from a box. The museum also displays some interesting artefacts and spectacular costumes which can give you an insight into the effort and detail that goes into each performance.

P1040916 Sala de los espejos

The Liceo, Barcelona

Located in the heart of Barcelona on its most famous avenue, las Ramblas, the Liceo theatre is set apart for being the oldest theatre and tradition of Barcelona, not to mention one of the best in the world. Having endured a dramatic history involving fires, bankruptcy and even bomb attacks the spirit of this opera house has not been dampened and it is standing strong today boasting a magnificent horseshoe-shaped five-tiered auditorium.