Kimball Arts Center, Utah

Besides being an epicenter for all sorts of snow sports, Park City Utah is also one of Utah’s primary centers for the arts. Artists from all over the world come to display their creative works at the several different galleries and artist’s spotlights throughout the city, but few are as prolific or well-known as the Kimball Art Center.

A major gallery in the heart of Park City, Kimball Art Center provides a multitude of services all geared towards promoting the arts in Park City. From Art Classes, to the Young Artists’ Academy, to Studio 6—a professional art supply store—KAC does much to ensure the arts are supported and artists have somewhere to ply their craft.

But, what they are most famous for, of course, are the incredible galleries that tons flock to every year. Populated with some of the most gorgeous exhibitions and artworks around, the three major galleries—the Main, Garage and Badami galleries—are a true inspiration to those interested in fine art. Just a few examples of the galleries on showcase here are the Wasatch Back Student Art Show, an annual exhibition displaying work by student artists in Summit and Wasatch County Schools, The Art of The Brick, by Nathan Sawaya, and a host of other thought provoking and beautiful galleries that put on full display the creativity of Park City’s—and the world’s—most engaging artists.

Without a doubt, the Kimball Art Center is an incredible place to visit, no matter if you are a resident of Park City or someone who is here on vacation. But, if you do not hold permanent residence here and are simply in town for the sights and spectacles, make sure you stop by and see this amazing experience. This way, you’ll be as close by as possible, and you’ll be able to see the rest of the city in style! Trust us; it’s definitely worth it, and you will have the time of your life!