6 Delectable Chocolate Shops from London to Paris

A majority of the world’s population is born with a sweet tooth and chocolates are always on top of the list for the best desserts wherever you are in the world. If you ever find yourself carted off to Europe, you can indulge that sweet tooth and experience what it’s like to sink your teeth in chocolates from London to Paris. With the convenient London Paris route by rail, you can sip tea with truffles in the afternoon and admire the Eiffel tower while feasting on pistoles by nightfall. London Paris travel time is a little over 2 hours, so you can go from one city to another and taste the most delectable sweets that chocolatiers, in both cities, have to offer. You can start your chocolate shop hopping in London by paying a visit to world acclaimed chocolate artisans and make your way to Paris to pay homage to its chocolate artisans.


Prestat. Founded in 1902 by Antoine Dufour, Napoleon III’s chocolatier, this shop is one of the grandest and oldest chocolate companies in the world. Its world renowned truffles, marzipan, vanilla ganache and chocolate-dipped apricots are famous favorites. With the awesome taste of its chocolates, it is undeniable why this small shop which is tucked in a corner of Princess Arcade in St. James is the Queen’s official purveyors of fine chocolates.

Montezuma’s Chocolate. For an unadulterated chocolate heaven with a Willy Wonka twist, you need to make your way to 51 Brushfield in Spitalfields, London. There’s so much chocolate to choose from, a day in this shop feels just like Christmas. You can pick the big chocolate chunks with authentic coffee or honeyed banana inside known as Choco:Block. If you have an adventurous palate, you can go for the chunky organic bars –there’s the dark and pistachio Vera, the culture shock with chili, white and ginger, and Space Hopper, a milk and orange bar.

Demargquette Fine Chocolates. Inspired by flavors from the orient, it won’t take you long to figure out why this shop has several awards under its belt. You can surely find the taste that tickles your palate with Demarqutte’s wide range of chocolate confections from Java Cinnamon, to Corriander and Kaffir Lime to Dark Champagne Truffles to Thai Lemongrass. The handmade chocolates in Chelsea are a delectable treat for people with a taste for adventure.

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Michel Chaudum. After a swift and scenic London Paris trip, you should visit the chic chocolate shop by one of the best chocolate artisans in the world at 149 Rue de l'Université. Michel Chaudun, a former head of La Maison du Chocolat offers chocolates of every kind from simple milk and dark chocolate bars to truffles of every kind. While feasting your eyes on all the chocolate creations surrounding you, be sure to sample this master’s most famous creation – the cobblestones or paves, a delectably smooth and silky ganache cube dusted with cocoa powder.

Debauve & Gallais. This chocolate shop Rue des Saints-Pères has been in the same location since 1818 and the chocolates are made in traditional French fashion. Formerly known as the purveyors of chocolate to King Charles X in early 1800’s, this chocolate shop is undoubtedly a great Parisian stop with historic wood paneled interiors. The small chocolate discs known as pistoles are the signature confection from this shop and it specializes in producing 99% cacao pistoles.

Christian Constant. Dubbed as one of the most respected chocolatiers in Paris, Christian Constant’s Rue d’Assas shop is an inviting place to taste hand-made chocolate infusions with spice and flower-based flavors. The hot chocolate at Christian Constant draws a lot of visitors and it is one of the best in the city. Refined and subtle scents from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossoms, and cardamom engulf chocolates in this shop but it is widely known for the Sicilian mandarin orange sticks covered in chocolate.

Photos via Flickr Creative Commons