4 Tips for Driving Along New Zealand’s Roads

New Zealand happens to be a great place for campers with the presence of various natural sceneries and there’s much space for those who are looking for an adventure to commune with nature. For those who are not fond of hiking, RV rental in New Zealand would be ideal. Scenic spots in News Zealand’s wilderness come in great numbers and there are surely a number of places that would capture your fancy. Needless to say, you should know the basics of driving a campervan in the country especially if you are not used to taking the wheel behind New Zealand’s roads.

Wes's RV at Redrock Canyon State Park

1. Keep an eye on the animals. In this country, farms often take both sides of the road and farmers often have to move their stock so you should not be surprised to see hundreds of cows or sheep blocking your way to cross the street for milking. Once you see the farmer and his herd, you should slow down to a halt. If you are lucky enough, the farmer will wave you off. But, if not, simply turn off the engine of your car and wait until the last of the animals pass by. You can enjoy the view or even take the time to chat with the farmer.

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind, especially when you are driving in the dark is that there are rabbits and possums as well as birds native to the country like the takahe and kiwi that might be on your way.

2. Stay on the left lane. Perhaps one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when you are in New Zealand is to stay on the left lane. You should always remind yourself to drive on the left side especially if you come from a place where you normally drive on the right. Be sure to remind yourself of this especially if traffic is not that heavy and when you are leaving the car park.

lake pukaki and mt cook

3. Pay Attention to the Road Signs. Several road signs in the country will indicate the speed that you should be traveling in. It will also indicate if there are steep hills and sharp corners ahead, if there might be problems regarding visibility, if there are wildlife ahead or if there’s traffic adjoining the lane that you are traveling on. Warnings regarding landslips are also present especially when the roads are icy. When driving a campervan during winter, you should be extra careful.

Another important reminder that you should keep in mind is to look out for one lane signs especially when you are crossing a bridge. One thing that you should know when traveling on the roads of this country is that there are times when the road narrows which is quite usual for bridges, so better yet, look out for the road signs. There are arrows which indicate who gives way. After seeing the sign, slow down and wait for the vehicle to pass if you are the one giving way.

4. Always remind yourself of the campervan’s size. When you are using a campervan during your travels, you need to keep in mind that the vehicle’s height is quite high. Hence, you need to be careful when you are planning to go inside an underground car park or when you are passing by a place with a low roof. Several accidents which are related to the driver’s carelessness about using the vehicle could have been prevented if they constantly thought about the height of the vehicle that they had in tow. On average, a motorhome has a berth that ranges from 4 to 6 and this is higher than the regular cab. By paying more attention to where you are entering or driving through, you can avoid hitting the campervan and causing unnecessary damage.