A Museum Lover’s Guide to Prague

The beautiful city of Prague is home to number of excellent museums, art galleries and cultural institutions. If your idea of an amazing getaway involves meandering through elegant galleries and admiring beautiful pieces of artwork then Prague is the perfect place for you. This article lists the many artistic highlights that Prague has to offer. For ideas on Prague hotels to stay in while you enjoy this great city you can find more info here.

Joseph Wright of Derby - Portrait of nobleman with his wife, National Gallery of Prague, Collection of ancient european art, Sternberk Palast

National Gallery in Prague

This is one of the most important art collections in the country and is actually housed in different locations within the city with the largest being the Veletrzni Palac. The enormous collection includes a number of Slovak and Czech sculptures and paintings that include works by Benes, Fila, Gutfreund, Mucha and many more.

There is also a stunning international collection with works by artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir, Rodin, Munch and Klimt. Picasso even has an entire room to himself. There are also a few works by Rodin, which have had an impact on Czech sculpture.

Prague City Gallery

This is a museum dedicated to modern Czech art and it is divided between several sites in the Old Town. It is considered to be the second most important museum in the country, after the National Gallery. The main building is located within the House at the Golden Ring and displays 20th Century Czech art in a beautiful medieval building.

You can also visit Troja Chateau and enjoy some lovely landscape paintings and sculptures that date back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Franz Kafka Museum

As odd as it seems to have a museum dedicated to the work of one author, Prague delivers. The museum celebrates and peers into the personal life of the famously reclusive writer whose stories and novels chronicled a very dark side of Prague. As it turns out, his life was just as brooding, mysterious and intriguing as the characters in his writings. Franz Kafka’s life was deeply intertwined with the life of the city of Prague, and sheds light on some of the city’s unique aspects. Kafka’s work portrayed Prague as a city of gothic beauty and menacing bureaucracy as evidenced by his literary achievements as well as through his personal letters and correspondence, all presented in the museum.

Dvorak museum

Antonin Dvorak Museum

Located within a beautiful and elegant 18th century Baroque summer palace that was designed by the same architect as many of Prague’s best churches, the exquisite Dvorak Museum is certainly worth a visit. This museum is dedicated to the life and work of Antonin Dvorak, a Czech composer who lived between 1841 and 1904. Dvorak frequently took inspiration from folk music of his native Bohemia as well as Moravia in order to create a style that became iconic in Prague.

Make sure that you check out the beautiful ceiling in the recital hall which is decorated with an impressive fresco that includes a Pegasus and Apollo. There are also some impressive sculptures of the Four Seasons in the garden from the workshop of Anton Braun.

Jewish Museum

This museum is made up of a series of preserved synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery, which encapsulates the history of seven centuries of Jewish life in Prague. This fascinating museum has one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art in the world. These artwork and artifacts are from Moravia and Bohemia and tell many interesting stories about Jewish history in the region.

In the cemetery, the oldest gravestone belongs to the poet Avigdor Karo, who died in 1439. The cemetery also contains nearly 12,000 other tombstones and the main museum halls shows information about the rituals and ceremonies associated with death and burial. The Jewish Museum is open daily except for on Saturdays or Jewish Holidays.

These are just a few of the best museums to enjoy during your visit to Prague. Have fun soaking up the culture of this great city.

About the Author: Louise Vinciguerra is originally from Brooklyn. When she’s not on Facebook, Wordpress or Twitter, she enjoys traveling in search of fun food and art or planning trips from her resident city of Rome.