The Impeccable Honeymoon: Ensuring Everything’s Perfect Once You’ve Said I Do

The big day, naturally, is a huge concern for newlyweds. After all, you want it to all go down without a hitch! But the wedding itself shouldn’t be the only thing that you plan within an inch of its life – you have the honeymoon to think about too! After months of planning, invoices and adding snippets to your wedding folder, you’re going to need a well-deserved honeymoon to unwind.

With plenty of popular honeymoon destinations available all over the world, you and your other half will have ample options to choose from. The trick is to stay calm and relaxed and organise everything that you can without turning into a regimental tyrant. Check out some of these top tips to ensure the honeymoon planning is as relaxing as the honeymoon itself.

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Choose your Destination

Not everyone will think that the preconceived beach break on white sands in the middle of the Caribbean is the ‘ideal’ honeymoon and if it’s not your scene, don’t follow the stereotype! Choose a destination that will reflect who you are as a couple – whether it’s a city break, a trek through the jungle, a safari in the Serengeti or a once in a lifetime adventure is completely up to you!

Utilise the Help

Planning the biggest day of your life will undoubtedly involve a few stressful moments along the way so why get even more bowed down with planning your honeymoon? Use the help of a dedicated honeymoons team, who can advise and guide you to your perfect break.

Start Early

Don’t leave it to the last minute! Give your honeymoon some careful thought and make sure that by the time the big day arrives, everything is set in stone and as perfect as possible.

Plan an Itinerary

While you may want to explore, enjoy some excursions or spend your afternoon snorkelling in the coral reef, it’s essential that you plan as much as you can so that you know exactly what’s going on. Don’t leave things to chance and if you are able to book excursions in advance, do so.

That being said, be romantic and make some time for yourselves too!

Set a Budget from the Start

Even a tentative budget can help you to stay within your spending limit and will give you both some guidelines to stick to. It’s easy to get carried away and with an expensive wedding to plan, the last thing you need is overbudgeting on your honeymoon as well.

Make sure you start your new life together on the right foot, with a perfect honeymoon.

Photo by Nattu via Flickr CC