Digging the Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

When travelling, it is always a special treat to come across an amusement park that is both educational and entertaining. But for movie buffs, heading out to the Universal Studios Singapore Amusement Park is an extra special treat because it is like travelling through some of the most loved films of all time.

With seven themed areas within the park, all connected to well-known Universal Studios films, you can experience rides and attractions that bring you right into the movie experience. Here are just a few examples of what a film lover can expect when visiting this delightful amusement park.

Hollywood and New York

You would swear you were walking through these almost mythical locations when you head out to either of these two themed parks within the park. The kids will delight in the Sesame Street show with all their favorite characters, and the whole family will love the fireworks display over Lake Hollywood each night. Along a very real feeling New York street, you are serenaded by the tunes of the Rockafellas or old Bert and Ernie singing about their “favorite things”. East coast or west, it is all fun and tuneful at these two themed areas.

Travel Back in Time

You get a choice of walking amongst the pyramids of Ancient Egypt or among the roaming dinosaurs of Lost World when you decide to time travel here. Explore ancient tombs and uncover the curses that went with them when you ride through the Revenge of the Mummy.

Then head out to the Lost World for a trip to Jurassic Park as you soar above it in the Canopy Flyer. Head down thrilling rapids in a furious and fascinating water ride and then dry off as you watch heart-stopping stunts at the WaterWorld live show.

Visiting Your Favorite Cartoons

Everyone has their favorite cartoon character and so meeting them and playing in their playground can be loads of great fun. That is the kind of adventure you will have when you set your sights on heading out to the land of Far Far Away where Shrek and everyone’s favorite talking donkey hold court every day.

Whether you are laughing your heads off at Donkey’s hilarious musical show or having an adventure of your life riding a roller coaster called Puss ‘n Boots Giant Journey, you know you will be having a great time. Don’t forget to head out to Madagascar and jump on the river boat ride inspired by one of our favorite family films. Along the way why not stop and enjoy the beautiful carousal filled with whimsical creatures and all the denizens of King Julien’s court.

As you can see, no matter which of the seven magical zones you choose to explore, there is always something ready for you to enjoy. For movie buffs of all ages this is one amusement park that really knows how to entertain. From Muppet monsters to big green heroes, they are all here waiting for you when you head out to Singapore’s most free-wheeling destination, Universal Studios Singapore. Movie magic awaits us all!