Art Lovers: Here are 2 the Most-Stunning Summer Destinations

Summer vacation is here and with it the pressure to make the perfect travel plans. Instead of taking the same old trip you take every summer, though, why not consider something a little more thrilling?
If you’ve ever dreamed of jet setting across the globe to see the wonders of another culture, there’s no time like the present to make that dream a reality. Here are two of the most awe-inspiring locations you could travel to this summer that will not only create memories to last a lifetime, but will also leave you breathless in the process.

Cape Town, South Africa

One of the best things about this unique destination is that Cape Town has something for travelers from all walks of life conveniently located in one exotic locale. Cape Town is known for its picturesque beach-front communities that line its shores, but the pièce de résistance lies in Boulders Beach. This one-of-a-kind beach is home to over three-thousand irresistibly-playful black and white penguins who are all-to ready to show off their tricks in the crystal-clear waters nearby.

Not much of a beach-comber? Cape Town also has some of the most exhilarating hiking opportunities in the world that are sure to challenge even the most experienced climber. After ascending to the top of Table Mountain, don’t forget to take a minute to stop and smell the roses on a relaxing cable car ride back down the mountain during sunset. For the traveling artisan, Cape Town is home to a thriving community of local artists who expertly channel their lush heritage and culture into truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The addition of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in 2017 will surely cement Cape Town’s standing as one of the most uniquely compelling art scenes in the world.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A sparkling jewel amid a vast ocean of arid desert, Dubai has become one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in the entire world. ‘The City of Gold’ more than lives up to its nickname as is made evident by the unabashed culture of abundance it has become known for. Home to some of the most jaw-dropping exclusive resorts on the globe, the world’s largest shopping mall, and, most notably, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai offers one unique experience after the other that will keep even the pickiest of world-traveler appeased.

This great city boasts more than three-hundred days of sunshine per year and has over one-thousand kilometers of coastline for travelers to enjoy. For the more artful traveler, Dubai has plenty to offer in that arena as well. As the modern art and design capital of the Middle East, Dubai is host to a bustling, incredibly modern and diverse art scene. From the sleek art galleries within the Financial District to the alternative art installations opening throughout Alserkal Avenue, Dubai has something for anyone with an eye for art. With all of these wonderfully extravagant sights to behold it’s no wonder nearly fifteen million individuals chose to spend their vacation in Dubai in 2016 alone.

Sure to inspire any traveler, these destinations could very well become the trip of a lifetime. Both uniquely diverse, Cape Town and Dubai have truly earned their spot on the list of great destinations across the globe. There’s really no excuse not to take the plunge and dive into your next adventure – we dare you!

Photo by Clint Mason via Flickr Creative Commons