4 Classic Mistakes When You Visit Edinburgh

There are some cities which immediately scream out tourism, and when it comes to the UK there's no doubt that Edinburgh falls into said category.

Of course, this isn't the only thing that makes Edinburgh tick, and any local will quickly tell you that. However, at least in terms of the general worldwide perception, this is a city which is regarded as a must-visit for tourists. It has the attractions, plenty of hotels and in short, you can make a really good trip regardless of the duration.

At the same time, you can make classic mistakes. This is what today's post is all about, and we will now take a look at four of the biggest tourist-related mistakes you can make if you decide to visit this Scottish city.

You don't choose your pubs wisely

As you will have probably researched, and come to expect, Edinburgh is not short of its fair share of pubs and bars. The great thing about these drinking establishments is that most are very good.

However, some are different than others. Edinburgh is known for its appeal of stag and hen parties, and some of these pubs do target this market. Unless you fall into one of the above two categories, try and target one of the more local bars. Or, be surrounded by crowds and expensive drinks.

You don't bring your waterproofs

While there is an element of tongue in cheek with this next suggestion, let's not forget that Edinburgh isn't without its fair share of adverse weather. Sure, it might be classed as the driest city in Scotland, but in reality this doesn't mean much! There are still plenty of terrific downpours, and these can wreak havoc with your trip.

With so many Edinburgh attractions based outdoors, make sure you bring your waterproofs.

You stand in the taxi rank all day

If you haven't heard the news, Edinburgh can be an utter nightmare for taxis. Sure, there are some areas of the city where it is easy to flag one down and catch your ride, but at the same time there are some no-go areas.

One report found that the average waiting time for some areas was around 23 minutes and when this is coupled with the weather-factor we have already spoken about, little else needs to be said.

The solution is to plan your trip so you can pre-book taxis, or try and rely on other forms of transport.

The group of stereotypical mistakes

Let's conclude today's article by focussing on some stereotypes. The first involves kilts and while the movies might suggest otherwise, get it out of your head that everyone in Edinburgh is going to do one of these! It doesn't happen, and they are much rarer than you might expect.

Then, there is the Scottish accent. Most tourists attempt to be the next best comedian by trying to impersonate this, but it usually falls flat. Trust us, the Scots have heard it time and time again, and don't find it overly funny.